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Q: How do you use Sand-Off™ Dry Body Wash? A: The Sand-Off!™ mitt is worn like a glove so that the soft terry side can be wiped across the skin. The Sand-Off!™ mitt is designed to release enough Dry Body Wash to remove sand, grass etc. in a single swipe, even after applying suntan lotion or if the skin is damp. See our page on How Sand-Off!™ Works.

Q: Can the Sand-Off™ mitt be used more than once, or is it a one-time use only, and discard? A: The Sand-Off!™ mitt is a multi-use item; depending on how often you use it, Sand-Off!™ Dry Body Wash can last up to a season at the beach. At the end of the product's life (when no powder remains) the mitt may be discarded or washed and used for household cleaning projects.

Q: Will the Sand-Off™ Dry Body Wash irritate my skin or my children’s skin? A: The Sand-Off!™ product does not irritate the skin and has been tested according to federal requirements for cosmetic products.

Q: If the Sand-Off™ mitt is used for removing sawdust, etc - is it then safe to use on a child to remove sand? A: The Sand-Off!™ mitt is safe to use for multiple purposes (beach, lawn, construction). Because children’s skin can be sensitive to some construction materials (fiberglass & sawdust), we recommend using one Sand-Off!™ mitt for that purpose and using a separate one for the entire family in the yard or at the beach.

Q: If I need to return my Sand-Off™ mitt for replacement or refund, what information do I need? A: Although we are certain that you will be amazed by the convenience and effectiveness of Sand-Off!™, if you need to return a product, please refer to the RETURN POLICY page.

Q: I’ve heard baby powder works, why not just use that? A: We tried baby powder on other parts of the body and it worked reasonably well. However, it wasn’t very manageable since you have to carry a bottle of powder to the beach and it ends up everywhere, including the car. Not to mention the wind blew it away before even touching our skin. It also wasn’t convenient, because you had to use a towel or your hand to rub the powder into the skin, which tended to remove the powder or simply push it around, making it less effective and leaving kids looking like Casper, the sandy white ghost. With all this in mind, we began to evaluate all-natural, talc-free powders in search of a far superior “sand remover” formulation. Using many combinations, we finally came up with a blend that worked easily even in the presence of suntan lotion and perspiration. Through our trials we also found that Sand-Off works great on grass clippings, insulation residue, dry wall, and almost any particulate that gets stuck to your skin (we don’t spend all our time at the beach…).